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3 x 5 Starter Kit (with Note Pack)

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The Starter Kit has everything you need to start organizing your 3x5 Life System!  The kit includes: One month of cards. A Phone Sleeve so you’ll never leave your daily card behind. A custom made stainless steel stand, so you can easily have your cards accessible on your nightstand or desk.  Give it a try, maybe you’ll pick up the habit and maybe it will change your life?  Who knows!

  • One month of Note Pack (31 cards)
  • One 3x5 Custom Stainless Steel Stand for your nightstand or home office
  • One On the Go, Mobile Phone sleeve

Everything you need to start experiencing the power of 3x5 Life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Melaine Martin
Simple Gratitude Goes a long way

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I love these cards and the gratitude that they allow me to express.

Christina Thoreson
Simple, effective

This is a great way to increase joy in one's life by focusing on gratitude. The basic to-do list feature allows me to concentrate on the two or three things each day that must get done. I appreciate how simple the card is and how effectively it works daily.

Alice C.
Love this!

Let me begin by saying I love this product! These little cards are a wonderful way to touch in each day with AM gratitude and PM wins and I love having just a simple task list on my desk. The cards are nicely designed and of high-quality paper. The simplicity of the system is wonderful and it works! The downside is the cost of the refill cards. A way to purchase more than a month at a time for a reduced rate would be great. The display is nice and streamlined. I wish it came with a storage solution which is as simple and streamlined is something I would suggest.

Brian Fenerty
Good idea, too expensive.

I like the idea and made the purchase but on arrival there are too few cards for me to feel excited. I feel like using them is going to use them up so I have them sitting on my desk. Nice idea, too expensive for 3x5 cards.

Carrie Gottschalk

Really love this resource.