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We use 120# custom cut card stock material.  The perfect thickness to hold up all day as your card travels in and out of your pocket, mobile phone sleeve, car, office, RV, Van-Life van...you get the point.

To score the material is to create a fold line. When we designed our cards, we wanted to make sure they would easily fold in half.  This allows your gratitude & productivity to travel with you on the days adventure.

Please allow 24-48 hours to ship out your order.  We are just as excited to share the 3x5 Life experience!

We utilize uncoated card stock material that is 100% recyclable.  We have also worked hard to create a network of local suppliers to support small business & cut down on the environmental impact.

BJ Fogg is one of the leading authorities on habit change.  In his best selling book Tiny Habits he says: “Celebration will one day be ranked alongside mindfulness and gratitude as daily practices that contribute most to our overall happiness and well-being. If you learn just one thing from my entire book, I hope it’s this: Celebrate your tiny successes. This one small shift in your life can have a massive impact even when you feel there is no way up or out of your situation. Celebration can be your lifeline.”

This is our 'why' behind PM Wins.  We hope you feel the massive impact!