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Our Story

3x5 Life was born out of the frustration of having countless journals and Apps for gratitude, reflection, for tasks to be completed. I was making something that should be so simplistic overly complicated.  When I finally stepped back and boiled down the most important aspects of my lists and different journaling practices, I discovered it could all fit on an easily transportable 3x5 index card.

A major limitation of gratitude apps & journals is once you write in them, they are out of sight and mind for the rest of the day. One of our goals at 3x5 Life was to create an analog product that you interact with all day. When you pull out your card to view your tasks, you cannot help but to see your gratitude list on the other side.  So, in the chaos of the day, you will experience these micro moments of positivity that help to keep you grounded.

After experimenting with dozens of layouts, we settled on two.  They both share AM Gratitude & PM Wins on the front.  But there are two options for the back: One is Tasks & Notes, the other is Tasks & Day Calendar.  We used custom cut card stock material and scored the center of the card.  This allows you to easily fold the card in half so it can be placed in your pocket or in a sleeve on the back of your phone.

When using 3x5 Life, we suggest grabbing a new card every morning and writing 3 things you are grateful for.  Research has shown this can increase happiness, improve health, and create more optimism in your life.

Every evening fill out 3 wins for the day.  Sleep scientists have discovered that when you reflect on the positive things that happened during your day before you go to bed, you fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep.

After you write down your wins, look at your task list.  If there are items that have not been completed, grab tomorrows fresh card and write them down, this helps in letting go of today and setting up tomorrow.

We all want to have greater clarity and presence in our life, and this is precisely our mission. We hope you embrace the habit and start to experience the power of 3x5 Life.