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3x5 Note Pack

Front: AM Gratitude & PM Wins
Back: Date, 10 Task Blocks, Note area

  • Custom cut card stock material
  • Scored center of card so it can be easily folded in half
  • Shrink wrapped in monthly packs of 31 cards
  • Sold in Quarterly bundles (93 total cards)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Brian Aikens
Great product/quality that leads to consistency and positivity

To say that the 3x5 Life cards have been life altering is an understatement. I have been journaling for years. These little cards have changed my practice. I had a hard time staying consistent when journaling, but the 3x5 Life cards force me to limit my time and focus on what is important. I love these cards because they are convenient to carry with me all day (as you can see from the pictures) and this helps me be consistent. I look forward to writing on them each morning and night. Each Sunday now I look back on my week to celebrate all that I have been grateful and all the wins I have had. Using the Tasks section has helped me be more productive as well. As I check items off the list throughout the day, I feel more productive. I use the notes section to write down mantas, quotes or words of encouragement. This is an analog product that helps me live a more fulfilling, meaningful life. I began with the starter pack and have since ordered the 90 day supply. They sit by my night stand and I also have a stand at my work desk. I have gifted 10 of these so far to friends, family and co-workers. I have even introduced them to my students and we use the same language in the classroom. Not only that, but the founders have a podcast with wonderful little ideas and practices to enhance your well-being.

*small and easy to carry with me all day
*helps me stay consistent with my gratitude and wins practice
*Excellent quality paper
*Small family business
*Consistency leads to great productivity, happiness and personal growth
*Forces me to limit my journal writing leading me to look forward to this habit each day
*Takes up less space than my big journals


William Forster
Using 3x5 as pencil travel option

The product is simple/clean easy to use. I use the full focus planner and 3x5 life cards when on the move.

Dan Medawar
Excellent product

These cards have been very helpful. I like the simplicity of the set up. I also appreciate the videos and podcasts that flesh out how to most effectively utilize these cards. Great product!

Diane H
Great system to stay on track

I love this quick and easy system to manage a busy day. I pick it up on days I am busy and on the go and use both sides. On unscheduled days, I just use the gratitude and wins side. Happy accident- not bad paper for watercolor. That might be something I try to add in more as art journaling.

So helpful!

Could I make this exact kind of card in my own and not pay for these? Yes. But am I going to repeat buy these forever? Also yes. They are so handy and help me organize my day. It feels good to make a list of to-do’s, check them off as I get them done, and see the progress. The gratitude things on the other side are healthy reminders and have also helped me stay more positive by remembering that there is still a lot to be thankful for. I’m super happy with these cards. Excellent idea.