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3x5 Life System & Mini Course (NOTE Card version)

With thousands of happy customers now using our daily cards on a regular basis we are finally launching the 3x5 Life System. This very simplistic yet insanely powerful system will help you create habits that last, drive productivity, celebrate life's joys, and achieve your WIGs (wildly important goals).  


Many people know the benefits and lasting memories that a regular journaling practice can create but struggle with consistency. Here at 3x5 Life we love the idea of legacy and wanted to create a system that could make the habit effortless while documenting and taking notes about your life that could easily be passed down and shared with loved ones. The NEW 3x5 Life system is the easiest way to capture a day/week/month of your life on a simple 3x5 card. The best part is that your box acts as a time capsule; an easy place to store and organize all your memories.

The Mini Course:  We walk you through each card, why it exists and how best to utilize it so it has the biggest impact! We don't bore you with too much fluff like so many 'courses.'  We get to the point and drive home what you need to do to succeed!

What's included in the 3x5 Life System:
  • 6 months of Daily cards **NOTE version** (186 cards)
  • Monthly/Year Goal Cards (1 year of cards)
  • Habit Tracker Cards (1 year of cards)
  • Weekly Review Cards (1 year of cards)
  • Storage Box with 3x5 logo on lid
  • Monthly dividers to keep your storage box organized
  • Mobile Phone Sleeve
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • MINI COURSE: Outlining how best to utilize the system
Check out the unboxing video:



Customer Reviews

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Valerie H.
Exactly What I Needed

This system is perfect for me! I’ve played around with 3x5 card planners before, the premade cards that come with this system are worth the cost. They are a nice weight and the scoring on some of the cards is so convenient. The focus on gratitude is also exactly what I need everyday to focus more on positivity.

The habit tracker is also really well done, I find it encouraging me to make long term habits and find it super motivating. It has a subtle grey color to help it stand out.

The monthly and weekly review cards are great as well helping me reflect on my goals, my wins, and my areas to grow.

I really cannot say enough positive for this system.