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3x5 Day Schedule Pack

Front: AM Gratitude & PM Wins
Back: Date, 10 Task Blocks, Day schedule

  • Custom cut card stock material
  • Scored center of card so it can be easily folded in half
  • Shrink wrapped in monthly packs of 31cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Life Changing

These simple notecards keep me focus, organized and working hard. They have changed my day to day life!

Terrific Product

Simple design but powerful daily practice.

Great Product

Awesome product. Love the design; very user-friendly for daily activities. Love the integration of tasks and reflection/gratitude.
Cards are quality stock; very well made. Highly recommend.

Simple & Elegant Productivity Tool

I’ve been using the Schedule Pack for about a week and a half now — which I believe is long enough to have some fully-formed thoughts about its initial usefulness.

I’ve tried all sorts of planners (physical and digital) and apps to try and get focused and productive. For one reason or another, I’ve failed with all of them. When I first saw the cards, I realized that part of my issue with digital to-do solutions is that they all exist on a device that is made to distract me. The humble 3x5 is simplicity itself, and, propped against my monitor as I work, will not be ignored or denied.

I had difficulty choosing between the notes or schedule versions, but I finally decided that since some very smart people rigorously schedule and "time-block" their day, I should too. So that's my plan with the schedule feature on the right side of the card. While the task list has been almost effortless in its usage, I'm still developing the discipline of the scheduling aspect.

I had an issue with shipping (not the fault of the seller) and Bryan rush shipped me a set so I could get started with them right away. That was super-cool service and very much appreciated.

The cards are well made and are a pleasure to use. I’m glad I decided to subscribe and I plan on continuing to use the cards for a long time.

Simple & Practical

I am always on the search for simple things to help keep my mind and my day straight. These 3x5 cards do just that! They are simple, easy to use, and fit perfectly into my purse and my pocket. So much easier to carry around than my planner.