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Ep 76 Warmth+Competence=Confidence

September 22, 2022 1 min read

This week on the podcast, Jessie and Bryan talk about Confidence and how our non-verbal communication plays a huge role in how others perceive us. Are you a social overthinker? How can you determine what  your own personal flavor of confidence is so that you can show up as your authentic self in social situations? 

Want to take action? Heck Yeah!

Think about your own personal flavor of confidence. Think about the most charismatic people you know... you may be surprised to find that it is not always the extrovert.

Do a quick check of your facial expressions and body language when you are meeting with people. Are you giving off cues that allow others to trust you and know that they can rely on you?
3️Try some of the non-verbal cues that we discuss to dial up your warmth or competence.

Enjoy this episode!

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