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3x5 Day Schedule Pack

Front: AM Gratitude & PM Wins
Back: Date, 10 Task Blocks, Day schedule

  • Custom cut card stock material
  • Scored center of card so it can be easily folded in half
  • Shrink wrapped in monthly packs of 31cards
  • Sold in Quarterly bundles (93 total cards)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Inger Norman
A simple way to not be overwhelmed with my day

I just love these cards. I was all in on using 3x5 Life cards for a while, then took some time off. But after a while I noticed how much I missed this simple way to plan my day with intention and organization. It keeps me from being overwhelmed by breaking down my day into simple, bite size tasks.

Chris Ruh
Love 3x5 Cards

Color me a huge fan of the 3x5 cards! They have really helped me organize my day and week to ensure I accomplish my goals. I carry them with me everywhere I go and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get more organized with their daily tasks!

Tina Greer
I LOVE THESE-They are my lifeline

I carry my card daily. They keep me focused and on track for what I need to do. How did I live 51 years without them???!!!!

Jeff Lehman
Game Changer

I have been using the 3 x 5 Life cards for almost three weeks now. They have made a positive impact on my organization and on my mindset. I am really surprised in a very good way.

It starts with the daily discipline of the AM Gratitude section. Each day I write down three things I am grateful for. This is a great way to start the day. I've heard others talk about how important it is and now I know they were right. The nice thing about the card is that it is there each day so you remember and now I look forward to it. I have started reviewing my gratitude notes over the past week each night before bed and it puts me in a good frame of mind to peacefully go to sleep.

The daily schedule section is handy and allows you to layout your day right in front of you. I have tried online calendars and task lists, but you always have to be online to see them. It is not always convenient. To have the small card laying in front of you each day makes it easier for me to stay on schedule.

Lastly, the Tasks section is smartly done to allow you to prioritize 10 tasks. For my work day as a construction project manager, completing 10 tasks is a solid day. To be able to have them listed and prioritized in front of me keeps me focused on what I need to do that day. I can focus on the urgent and important tasks and that makes my day more productive. My day is planned out the night before so there is no thought about what I should be doing when I start my work day.

I have really enjoyed using the 3 x 5 Life card system. It is simple, easy and really drives a focused and productive day. Much more so than I would have thought and for that I am thankful. You have a really happy customer. Thank you.


3x5 Day Schedule Pack