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Ep 85 Create Your Moai

January 19, 2023 1 min read

On this episode Bryan & Jessie talk about the idea of a Moai. They both have been thinking a lot over the last few years about friendships and love the idea of having a Moai and how it can impact longevity.

“Moai is a longevity tradition on the Japanese island of Okinawa, one of 5 Blue Zones – areas of long life and health. It seems that prioritizing social connection is a superfood. And one way to do so is in a Moai. These are groups of 5-7 people (rarely more) who commit over a lifetime to spending regular time together. That’s it. Time together simply for the sake of getting together. Over time – perhaps a regular walk or a healthy meal, they become a reliable source of laughter, advice and help when needed. Consistency and a sense of belonging.“

Enjoy this episode!

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