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Ep 057 Emotional Intelligence

May 05, 2022 1 min read

"When we don’t understand how our emotions shape our thoughts and decisions, we become disembodied from our own experiences and disconnected from each other." - Brene Brown

On this podcast episode Jessie dives into the topic of Emotional Intelligence and how the practice of recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing and regulating your emotions can allow you deeper connection to yourself and those around you.

Do you allow yourself the permission to feel?  How can we connect this to our relationships with children and adults alike?
 Want to take action?  Heck yeah! 

  1. Here are some resources to check out:
  • Marc Brackett - Permission to Feel
  • Emotional Agility - Susan David
  • Brene Brown - Atlas of the Heart
  1. Allow yourself the space to start to track your emotions and the triggers that are causing them. Look for patterns and ways to interrupt cycles that are no longer serving you.