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Ep. 036 Try this Powerful Tool

December 09, 2021 2 min read

We are all so afraid of uncertainty that we want a guarantee before we even try.  We want evidence that if we take a risk we will 'get the girl.  Its a numbers game.  To play any game, you have to start.  To win, you need to keep going.  If you want to make your dreams come true, get ready for the long game.  Life is not a one and done sort of deal. You've got to work for what you want.  Picasso created nearly 100 masterpieces in his lifetime.  But what most people don't know is that he created a total of more then 50,000 works of art... That’s two pieces of art a day.  Success is a numbers game. You are not going to win if you keep telling yourself to wait. The more often that you choose courage, the more likely you'll succeed.”  -Mel Robbins

On this episode Bryan & Jessie talk about the simple impact that "The 5 Second Rule" can play in your life.  This New York Times best selling book by Mel Robbins has impacted so many lives.  When Bryan first heard that everyone was raving about this book and it’s impact, he laughed it off…until he actually read the book and heard the research.

Want to take Action?  Heck yeah! 

  1. Next time you’re in a moment of potential action – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it & GOOOO
  2. Read Mel’s book and dive into the science and why behind this powerful practice. 

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Enjoy this episode!

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