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3 x 5 Starter Kit (with Note Pack)

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The Starter Kit has everything you need to start organizing your 3x5 Life System!  The kit includes: One month of cards. A Phone Sleeve so you’ll never leave your daily card behind. A custom made stainless steel stand, so you can easily have your cards accessible on your nightstand or desk.  Give it a try, maybe you’ll pick up the habit and maybe it will change your life?  Who knows!

  • One month of Note Pack (31 cards)
  • One 3x5 Custom Stainless Steel Stand for your nightstand or home office
  • One On the Go, Mobile Phone sleeve

Everything you need to start experiencing the power of 3x5 Life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

The phone wallet started peeling off within a week, otherwise everything was good.

Melaine Martin
Simple Gratitude Goes a long way

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I love these cards and the gratitude that they allow me to express.

Christina Thoreson
Simple, effective

This is a great way to increase joy in one's life by focusing on gratitude. The basic to-do list feature allows me to concentrate on the two or three things each day that must get done. I appreciate how simple the card is and how effectively it works daily.

Alice C.
Love this!

Let me begin by saying I love this product! These little cards are a wonderful way to touch in each day with AM gratitude and PM wins and I love having just a simple task list on my desk. The cards are nicely designed and of high-quality paper. The simplicity of the system is wonderful and it works! The downside is the cost of the refill cards. A way to purchase more than a month at a time for a reduced rate would be great. The display is nice and streamlined. I wish it came with a storage solution which is as simple and streamlined is something I would suggest.

Brian Fenerty
Good idea, too expensive.

I like the idea and made the purchase but on arrival there are too few cards for me to feel excited. I feel like using them is going to use them up so I have them sitting on my desk. Nice idea, too expensive for 3x5 cards.