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Ep. 019 Bryan's 2021 'Misogi'

August 05, 2021 1 min read

💥 “I don’t believe in resumes in the traditional sense, I believe in Life Resumes. Do More. Create Memories.” - Jesse Itzler

On this episode…Bryan’s nerves shine through. This is recorded a few days before he leaves for a race called the TransRockies.

This is a 6 day ultramarathon across the Colorado Rockies. He will run 120 miles and climb 20,000 feet of gain. This is Bryan’s Misogi for 2021.

Jessie and Bryan explain the power of a Misogi: A year defining event, adventure, trip or goal.

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  2. What event, trip, adventure or goal is going to define 2022 for you?

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